Finał Ligi Runmageddonu Wrocław 19-20.10.2019

Price list

Registration for the event is only valid if your payment is complited.

For the month of the registration, we recognize the one in which starter pack fee was paid. The date of transfer is binding.

A PLN 40 surcharge applies to the basic price for a start in the ELITE series.

Did not sign up online? You can do it at the event venue in the competition office (if the places in the series are available).

The cost of the on-site registration:


Intro: PLN 170

Recruit: PLN 250

Night Recruit: PLN 250

Classic: PLN 300

Hardcore: PLN 350 PLN: PLN 450 


Team discounts in the 2019 season:

Number of people in the team

 Runmageddon Rekrut / Classic / Hardcore / Ultra / Final

5-9 people

20 PLN voucher for registration for the next run in the 2019 season / person

more than 10 people

40 PLN voucher for registration for the next run in the 2019 season / person  



* Team discount applies only to people registering online

** Team discounts can not be combined - one person can use one discount

 *** Team discounts are not available to participants of the formula Runmageddon Intro

**** Team discounts will be sent to participants in the form of a personal code and it will be possible to use them within 2 weeks from the date of sending the code

***** Team discounts do not combine with other discounts


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