Runmageddon Gladiator Race Liberec 24-26.07.2020

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Available formulas
3 KM 15 Obstacles | 25.07
Places taken
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6 KM 30 Obstacles | 25.07
Places taken
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Nocny Rekrut
6 KM 30+ Obstacles | 24.07
Places taken
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21 KM 70 Obstacles | 26.07
Places taken
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Maximum price
42 KM 140 Obstacles | 26.07
Places taken
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1 KM 10 Obstacles | 26.07
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kids/junior championship
2 KM 15+ Obstacles | 25.07
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Information about event

Czech this out!

We are ready for another extreme adventure in cooperation with our  Neighbours! In July we're joining forces with Gladiator Raice again to serve you ferocious routes in Intro, Day and Night version of Rekrut and Hardcore formula! Waiting for more? On this only mountain event in 2020 season you will get a chance to face the toughest formula of all - Ultra! 

Of course we won't forget about younger amateurs of obstacle fun - the KIDS formula and Junior and KIDS International OCR Championships will be waiting just for them!


July is going to be smoking hot on Czech Republic! Will you be there with us?



Liberec - Ješted, Czech Republic


regulations & statements

Participant statement

Participant statement - KIDS formula


Runmageddon Family Formula 




The distinctions will be awarded in the following categories:

1. Elite series Women - places I-III,

2. Elite Series Men - places I-III,

3. Women's Masters - places I-III

4 Men’s Masters - places I-III

5. The fastest team of the Elite series - places - I-III (on the basis of the 5 best times of the team members only among the competitors who finished the run with the band and were classified in the Elite series) *


* Players moved from the elite classification to the open classification are not included in any of the team classification.


Atractions not only for participants

There are many attractions waiting for all the Participants and supporters (access to the Supporter’s Zone is free):

• Festival town

• RUNMAGEDDON KIDS - a special formula for children aged 4-11 years, taking place on one kilometer long obstacle course.

 • Opportunity to admire the most spectacular obstacles and struggles of the participants


group discount

Take on the challenge with your team and get a discount on next Runmageddon events.

Want to take a challenge together with a group of friends? All you need to do is create a team when registering  to the start or join an already existing one. If you gather a group of over 5 people, each of you after the route will be given a special, personal discount code.

Team discount in  2020:

Number of people in the team     

Runmageddon Rekrut / Classic / Hardcore / Ultra / Final

5-9 people

20 PLN voucher for registration for the next run in the 2020 season / person

over 10 people

40 PLN voucher for registration for the next run in the 2020 season / person  


Team discount applies only to people registering online

** Team discounts can not be combined - one person can use one discount

 *** Team discounts are available for participants of the following formulas: Rekrut, Classic, Hardcore, Final and Ultra

**** Team discounts will be sent to participants in the form of a personal code and it will be possible to use them within 2 weeks from the date of sending the code

***** Team discounts do not combine with other discounts

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