Obstacle or running?

Friday, 9 February 2018

On Saturday, April 14th, the first urban obstacle course in Poland will run in the very heart of Warsaw. Reebok POWERUN by Runmageddon is a unique formula in which participants decide themselves, whether they want to overcome obstacles or bypass them, and just run.


Reebok POWERUN by Runmageddon will go through the most representative neighbourhoods of Warsaw - the Old Town and Vistula Boulevards. Route's length is about 10 km, and there will be 10 obstacles on the way.


Obstacle or running? This question reflects the very idea of ​​the event. Reebok POWERUN by Runmageddon is the first course in Poland, in which the participants decide themselves how to approach their route - whether to conquer the obstacle or simply run. Whenever they manage to overcome an obstacle, their effort is rewarded with subtracting 1 minute from their final score. This rule applies to each obstacle, so runners can get as much as 10 minutes off the total result if they overcome all obstacles. Those who will decide to bypass obstacles, will just run, trying to score the best time possible.


Reebok POWERUN by Runmageddon have two ambassadors who represent two running styles: POWER, for obstacles - Jarosław Bieniecki, the founder of Runmageddon

RUN, for speed - Anna Kiełbasińska, the leading Polish sprinter on a distance of 200 meters


During POWERUN players will face 10 obstacles. Those who have ever participated Runmageddon activities before, know them well already. Here are short descriptions of each:


● Multirig - it's a construction of rods and gymnastic wheels. Participants may only use hands to move from the start to the end point.

● Helicopter - climbing up a vertical ladder.

● Pole dance - climbing over wide, inclined pipes to the top and then sliding down on the vertical pipe.

● Pendulum - it's a lattice suspended on a chain. The participant task is to get from one end of the wall to the other holding on to the suspended metal mesh.

● Parkour - a mix of several urban obstacles.

● Wall of tires / chains - the participants climb over the top of the wall using tires or chains.

● X-man - to conquer the obstacle, one need to step on chains and make it through from the start to the end point

● Hope to rope - it's about climbing the wall, reaching the top and getting to the other side.

● Black widow - transition between the ropes mounted tightly on a metal frame

● Delivery room - squeezing across several rows of tires through a small hole left in between.


The start and finish will be located in the Fountain Park at the Vistula Boulevards. A cross-country camp will also be located there, where the participants will pick up their starting kits. Plus, they will enjoy plenty of other attractions there, courtesy of Reebok. A special zone will offer Reebok FLOATRIDE to test and to buy, as these are the running shoes recommended for the POWERUN. Runners can also personalize their gear here as well as meet with brand ambassadors and sports experts.


Reebok recommended FLOATRIDE running shoes are the most technologically advanced shoes in the history of the Reebok brand. The innovative FLOATRIDE foam of the sole provides perfect flexibility and cushioning when running. The inner sole of the shoe provides full foot control on every surface, and the seamless ULTRA KNIT upper guarantees breathability and a perfect fit to the runner's foot. All this means that thanks to Reebok FLOATRIDE you feel like floating during your run.

Practical information


Reebok POWERUN by Runmageddon will take place on Saturday, April 14th. Start of the event is scheduled for 9 AM, and it will last until 6 PM. Runners will be moving in groups of 150 people, starting every 15 minutes.


● Registration opening: January 30

● Number of participants: 5000

● Package prices: the earlier, the cheaper. Participant's fee starts from 79 PLN

● The starter package will include technical T-shirt POWERUN by Reebok, discount for the purchase of Reebok FLOATRIDE shoes and some sport drinks

● Collection of starter packages will be available from April 13th, in the running town in the Fountain Park


Organizers of the event



From its very beginning, Reebok has been associated with running. The founder of the company - Joseph William Foster - was a runner himself. In 1895 the company produced the world's first running spikes. The new model was used by leading athletes at the Olympic Games in 1924.

Fast forward to 1995, Poland: Brand creates one of the first running clubs in Poland. It is promoting running under the name Reebok Runner Club.

Today, Reebok continues the tradition set by the founders. Brand creates professional products fitted to the needs of runners for all kinds of distance - long, medium and short, as well as varied surfaces - for flat, mountain and obstacle runs.

Reebok POWERUN by Runmageddon is the next step in accomplishing brand's goal: besides delivering innovative solutions, it offers athletes unique running experiences.


Runmageddon is the largest organizer of extreme obstacle courses in Poland. In 2017, nearly 60,000 people took part in 17 editions of the runs. Courses differ in the difficulty levels, including runs from 2 km and 10 obstacles to 42 km and 140 obstacles. They are organized in all seasons and all weather conditions throughout the whole Poland.