Runmageddon is a murderous race at an extreme obstacle course!


You will experience mud, water, fire, swamp, rope obstacles, slopes, vertical walls, barbed wire, trenches and other attractions. No way you can find such an event anywhere else.


Runmageddon tests your body and your mind! 


It challenges your fitness, strength, stamina and mental resistance. There's no need for you to be an athlete or a professional runner to finish the race, but…you need to be ready to reach the limits of your abilities, and then move them further…


Runmageddon is a combination of competition and collaboration between the participants!


Are you more into racing or helping others survive? Runmageddon will surely satisfy both of these ambitions! The electronic time measurement system allows to compare the contestants in each series, and it also provides the thrill of competition for all the "Fast and furious". However, the race also includes obstacles that 80% of the participants find impossible to overpass on their own. You must therefore collaborate with others. Check out how much more satisfying it is to help out the others than to compete with them!


Can’t wait to take up the challenge? 


You can choose out of five different Runmageddon formulas:


Runmageddon Intro  - 3km and 15+ obstacles
Runmageddon Recruit - 6km and 30+ obstacles
Runmageddon Classic - 12km and 50+ obstacles
Runmageddon Hardcore - half marathon (21.0975 km) and 70+ obstacles
Runmageddon Ultra - marathon (42.195 km) and 140+ obstacles