Santa Claus is…RUNNING to town!

Is the pre-Christmas shopping frenzy taking its toll?

With us you can make an original gift in the form of experiences, without leaving your home!

Runmageddon elves, as usual, worked really hard and prepared a festive set of vouchers for you!

It's a great idea for a gift under the Christmas tree and an excuse to get in shape before the start of the 2023 season!

Check out our suggestions and treat yourself or someone close to you to an interesting experience!

Such a gift under the Christmas tree that every hunter of Runmageddon adventures would like to get!

If the Veteran statuette next season is a goal for you or a loved one, this Christmas gift is the perfect opportunity to take the first step towards it!

You will get it by starting in three formulas: in any Recruit (also night editions), one Classic and one Hardcore at Runmageddons throughout Poland, until the end of 2023.

The purchase of the package does not exempt from the surcharge for those starting in the Elite series.


€153 €133

The perfect gift for born explorers and fans of extreme escapades! The Crown package entitles you to start in any 4 Rekrut formulas (including night editions) or 4 any Intro in 2023, in all 4 parts of Poland! This OCR expedition will show you the way to the dope as hell CROWN OF THE RUNMAGEDDON

The purchase of the package does not exempt from the surcharge for those starting in the Elite series.



€164 €144

This is a package for the insane OCR Freaks, i.e. as many as 8 starts in Runmageddon, in the 2023 season (concerns the formulas: Intro, Recruit, Classic, Hardcore)!

Have you always wanted to be a DJ at this dance? By purchasing the Oktan Pack, you can freely mix formulas and change their configurations.

The purchase of the package does not exempt from the surcharge for those starting in the Elite series.



€390 €350

Santa Claus is…RUNING to town!

If you're as fast as  Santa in delivering gifts, this package should interest you!

For you or  for your loved OCR sprinter, we have a voucher for RUNMAGEDDON GAMES in the 2023 season!

A 100-meter track and a unique set of obstacles will provide a lot of fun and the power of competition!



€25 €20

On the occasion of Christmas, give a loved one a small challenge!

This is an ideal proposition for those who would like to try OCR races painlessly and start their adventure with Runmageddon! Let yourself be introduced to a world full of bubbling endorphins and a smile, soiled with mud!

By choosing any Intro package, you can treat yourself or a loved one to start in a 3-kilometre special stage with over 15 obstacles to overcome!



€52 €42

Do you like challenges, or do you know someone who cannot live without them? Treat yourself or give someone a Christmas present, a real test of strength and endurance!

In this formula, over 30 crazy obstacles are waiting for you to overcome on a 6-kilometre route! ANY REKRUT PACKAGE is an ideal proposition for all fans of moderate physical exertion!

Are you ready to join the army of Runmageddon freaks?

The purchase of the package does not exempt from the surcharge for those starting in the Elite series.


€62 €52

A Christmas gift for an OCR fanatic!

Let go of the brakes and face a 12 kilometre course armed with over 50 amazing obstacles in the Classic formula in the 2023 season! It's a perfect gift for all OCR freaks and a real test of character!

The purchase of the package does not exempt from the surcharge for those starting in the Elite series.


€72 €62

Hardcore Santa has hit the road and has a special package for you!

With this voucher, you can experience real hardcore! The extreme half-marathon, i.e. 21 km and 70+ obstacles, is no longer a joke, but a real effort! This is for all the freaks who never have enough mud, sweat and overcoming their weaknesses! Now answer the question: Are you ready for HARDCORE? Take on a real sports challenge, or give it to a loved one for Christmas!

The purchase of the package does not exempt from the surcharge for those starting in the Elite series.


€82 €72

Here's a Christmas present that every Ultra-rocker will love!

A formula in which "courage" takes on a whole new meaning. The marathon in the Ultra version (42 km and 140 obstacles) is a real test of character, for the biggest tough guys who fight to the last drop of sweat!

This is undoubtedly the most difficult of the formulas available in Runmageddon, only for the most courageous and crazy freaks for whom challenges for the spirit and everything are an inseparable element of life!

The purchase of the package does not exempt from the surcharge for those starting in the Elite series.

The voucher is assigned to the first person to use it for registration.


€102 €82

Twój Junior uwielbia wyzwania? Nie straszne mu błoto a pokonywanie przeszkód sprawia mu frajdę? Ten pakiet jest właśnie dla niego! 

Zostaw mu pod choinką start w dowolnym Runmageddonie, w formule Junior (3 km i ponad 15 przeszkód) w sezonie 2023! Jest to idealna propozycja dla wszystkich młodziaków, którzy wyrośli z Kidsa, lecz jeszcze czekają na swój debiut na dłuższym dystansie. 

Zakup pakietu nie zwalnia z dopłaty dla startujących w serii Elite.


€41 €31

Give your little warrior the most muddy gift for Christmas - start in any Runmageddon in the KIDS formula (1 km and 10 obstacles) in the 2023 season! This is the best option to give your child the opportunity to get mud up to the armpits and get rid of the  excess energy!

Remember that strength and character are shaped from a young age!

The purchase does not exempt from the surcharge for Elite starters.


€17 €13

Two heads are better than one, and our obstacles often prove that two extra hands are even more useful on the route!

Do you want to take the first step into the world of OCR running, but feel that you need some support? Voilà! Here is a package to dispel your doubts!

As a part of the package, any Intro 1 + 1, you can start in the Intro formula, covering a 3-kilometer route, full of over 15 obstacles!

Take your loved one on an adventure and experience it together!


Do they call you "lovebirds"? You don’t tend to go anywhere alone?

Do you feel better in a duet? Was your participation in RMG your joint decision? You're welcome!

As part of the ANY 1 + 1 RECRUIT package, you can stand shoulder to shoulder in the fight and try to overcome 30 obstacles over a distance of 6 km. Nothing connects as well as going through our obstacle paradise together.


Are you inseparable companions in training? Do you polish your skill together and make progress together? Or maybe the Recruit formula is behind you and you have decided to try more! This is an offer for you! Take a partner for the Classic formula and don't let your grip slip away! Conquer 12 kilometers and 50+ obstacles in a duo and take on the most classically crazy RMG route!


Are you as thick as thieves? Lots of hardcore action on your account? What if you did something crazy and add another one to the collection? You will definitely remember it for a long time!

Run in a duet as a part of the Hardcore 1 + 1 package and experience hell together as you complete a 21km hellish half-marathon with 70+ obstacles. This is a real test of character!

Do it together and remember that each extra pair of hands on this route can decide on your survival!



Christmas is all about spending time with family. If, apart from celebrating, you like joint activities, then we have something special for you!

Catch the Runmageddon bug and experience unforgettable moments together, overcoming the Family formula route (2km and over 15 obstacles) in the 2023 season!

€50 €48