Can anyone take part in Runmageddon Global events?

Yes, advanced runners usually take part in formula 100 or 120, formulas 50 are designed for semi-advanced and amateur obstacle and terrain races enthusiasts.

What does "Formula 100", "Formula 50", "Formula 120" mean?

Formula is the amount of kilometres of all the stages of race - "100" means that you will cover100 kilometres in total, during four days of the event.

Can I change the formula during the event?

Yes, but note that you will no longer be classified in the scoring.

Is it a race for both men and women?

Definitely yes.

Are Runmageddon Global runs typically OCR?

No - the organizers set up on routes up to a dozen or so obstacles – the constructions as well as the natural ones. But Runmageddon Global includes also formulas without any obstacles - runners deciding to participate in it, do not tackle structural obstacles, they run along the same route as the others, and to equalize the chances in the classification, they receive additional minutes to the overall time per each obstacle.

What conditions do I have to meet in order to be able to participate?

Each participant must own a passport with an expiration date equal to the event's end date + 6 months. You must be at least 18 years old till the beginning date of the event, speak Polish or English, accept the regulations and pay fees in good time.

Where exactly will the routes be set?

We plan routes during reconnaissance, which we run a few months before the event. You will get to know their details at the latest during the meeting of the Participants, which we organize 2-3 weeks before the event.

Where will we sleep during the event?

We plan accommodation on a camping site and in a hotel. Camps provides sanitary nodes. The information whether sleeping bags and mats will be necessary, will be given to you at the meeting 2-3 weeks before the event.

Does everyone start in one series?

Yes, you're all starting together.

I paid for participation, but I cannot run - what now?

According to the regulations, you can withdraw from the purchase up to 7 days after completing the sign up. There is also the option of reselling the package to another contestant.

How many pieces of luggage / personal belongings can I take with me?

You can take 1 piece of checked-in and 1 hand-luggage. The weight and size of the luggage depend on the detailed guidelines of the airlines we travel with. We will inform you about these specifications during the organizational meeting 2-3 weeks before departure.

When will I receive the starter pack?

You will receive your starter pack at an organizational meeting, 2-3 weeks before the event.

Will there be any meeting before the trip?

Yes, we are planning a meeting for the Participants. We will keep you informed about the date and place on a regular basis. Usually, it takes place in Warsaw, 2-3 weeks before departure - it is broadcast live in our social media.

I would like to receive an invoice for the race.

Nothing simpler - just e-mail us at ewelina.poplawska@runmageddon.pl giving the following data: name, address and NIP of the company and the names and surnames of persons taking part in the event as well as the confirmation of completing the payment.

I paid the money yesterday and I am still waiting for verification.

Easy, the list of applications and payments is verified by hand every 72 hours. If your application is still not verified correctly in the given period, please send a payment confirmation to ewelina.poplawska@runmageddon.pl

Will we have something to do after the run?

Yes - we plan a touristic and integration program during the events. It will be an opportunity to get acquainted with local culture and attractions.

I want to pay the second part of the fee - how should I do it?

Just make a transfer to the account of Extreme Events sp. O.o .; 01-640 Warszawa, number: 34 1050 1025 1000 0090 8051 2081, in the title, please put the name of the event and your name and surname.

What does the price of the event include?

Depending on the edition, packages may vary, but there are some constant content such as: flights, accommodation, food, drinking water, medical care, insurance, a starter pack containing some  clothing and equipment. In some editions, we also offer the opportunity to participate in the event without the transport in the package (for those players who fly by their selves or live in the country where the event takes place). If you are interested in such solution, please contact us at kontakt@runmageddon.pl

Are regeneration points located on the route?

Yes, there will be regeneration points at each stage. Their number depends on the stage.

What should I take with me?

Passport valid for at least six months from the end of the event, running shoes, running equipment, water container, running backpack - the details of what to take, will be given during the organization meeting. About 2-3 weeks before departure, we publish a list of recommended things to take. Make sure that you have read the rules of the event - the required equipment is provided there.

Is the place we go to safe?

We do not take Participants to places considered as dangerous - each event is planned in detail, their plans are consulted and discussed with embassies of host countries and with Polish diplomatic missions. We cooperate with local authorities on site to provide you with the appropriate level of security.

Should I buy insurance?

There is no such need - as part of the package we insure all Participants of the event.

Can I use poles?

Yes, you can.

Where do we departure from?

It will be one of the main airports in Poland. The detailed information will be given up to 3 weeks before departure.