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How does Runmageddon Caucasus will build up your autumn condition!


...long story short: benefits of the few days stay in mountains.


Runmageddon Global is not a challenge for super heroes. It’s an adventure you can become a part of. I won’t tell you it’s gonna be easy. It won’t. But you will have as crazy people as you running there by your side. They will motivate you, back you up when needed and in the end – they will become your friends. You will be satisfied that you didn’t give up, that you took up the challenge!


100 km distance is not a joke. Even if you have 4 days to cover it. The height above sea level and elevation gains won’t make it easier either. But this challenge not only will give you great satisfaction, but also will improve your sport abilities. It’s all because you will take it up in mountains! If you’re still scared that you won’t make it, you can always choose the 50 km option. You will conquer this formula for sure!


The benefits of the short stay in mountains:


The American scientists from Colorado proved that even short time spent in mountains changes the structure of blood cells. For quite a long time actually (of course for shorter period of time than after a longer stay). You will feel more power and gain stronger mental attitude which leads to more optimism and will to do things.


During first 24 hours on 1500 m ASL, EPO level rises. This is the hormone produced by kidneys and liver. When you stay at a significant altitude lower level of oxygen in your blood stimulates kidneys to more efficient produce of erythropoietin, which increases the produce of red blood cells. More erythrocytes means better oxygenating of the cells.


Studies on endurance athletes have shown that the level of haemoglobin in the blood may increase by about 1% per week, which may result in better timings. Remember, however, that in the mountains you have to run with common sense. Less oxygen means more effort. It is good to stock up on your heart rate monitor and control your heart rate on a regular basis. It’s easier to overtrain in the mountains than in the lowlands.


Breaking the training routine will give you a kick. Running and walking in the mountains is the perfect training for lovers of any sport (almost any). If you are preparing for the autumn marathon or ultra-marathon, 4 days of overlapping effort at the altitude will perfectly fit into the training. If you have another OCR in your schedule you will not regret it. Strength, efficiency and good humour – will be your benefits.


The views you will experience will remain in your memory for a long time. This will definitely make it easier to get along with shorter autumn days. Climbing on 3,000, mountain peaks, picturesque villages, wildlife. This is the Caucasus. Still very solitary, breathtaking. Majestic. Safe for tourists.


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