Friday, 30 August 2019

How to prepare mentally for Runmageddon Global?


The one thing that limits our possibilites is… our brain! The feeling and interpretating of exhaustment affects on our results. Mentality training won’t build up our durability and strength of course, but we can make it easier!


That is why you should be THINKING POSITIVELY. Sounds trivially, but let me explain. Answer youself – how much do you care about winning, finishing or reaching the assumed time on Runmageddon Global. Or maybe you just want to have a good time. There are no bad motives, but you’ll make it harder if you won’t ask yourself: What do I expect? / How much I care?


Runmageddon Global Caucasus is a 4 days of exhaustment. It’s waking up each day with bigger discomfort, with pain in the muscles, sometimes with footprints or bladders on the feet. I remember how Participants suffered and tried to deal with the pain on the Sahara edition. Oftenly it was very tough, the giving-up thoughts appeared. But the common energy, joy and optimism did help with relieving the pain.


In Morocco two days went easily for me, but on the third day I was running with the stomach ache. Did I run? Mostly I was waking… But I wanted to reach the finish line. I knew that I couldn’t  show any weakness. Because there are amateurs beside me, who suffer even more. Which is a difficult challenge for them.


You have to know, that it will hurt. You’re not going on a trip (or maybe not only a trip). You have to learn the ability of dealing with the extreme level of effort feeling. At the same time you have to keep a common sense. There are moments when you have to give up. When it’s the only rational solution. Follow doctors and paramedics orders necessarily. The ones who are coming with us had cut teeth on extreme sports. They know what is happening and they can evaluate the situation properly.


Did I scare you? Relax, so many people had finished the Runmageddon Global formula, for sure you’ll also finish it. However, prepare properly. It is not going to be a simple walk. It will be an adventure! And what is the most important – an adventure, where you’ll have a company. Do not focus on your weaknesses, but be aware of them. Accept the pain. Enjoy the suffering. And smile!


See you on the route!


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