Management Declaration

Why do we organize Runmageddon?


Firstly, to enable you to become a better version of yourself, particularly:


1. ... to take up the challenge, face your weaknesses and strive to defeat them either during a training session or a race;


2. get to the finish line and become more self-confident not only during the race but also in different aspects of life;


3. find out that disinterested help given to the others gives you a lot of self-satisfaction, also that through cooperation you can achieve more.  


Secondly, to give you emotions which will make you smile even many weeks after the unforgettable adventure with Runmageddon. Simply speaking, to feel joy and fulfilment.


Thirdly, to create an optimistic picture of Poland and Poles. On one hand, by giving you a possibility to participate in a crazy sport activity, on the other, to show everybody that a Polish product can be the best in the world!   


Runmageddon 2020 Vision


Runmageddon will become a globally-known brand, considered the best-quality OCR cycle in the world.


We will enter new geographical markets, beginning with the Western Europe and the USA.


We will exceed the magical number of 100,000 Participants yearly, invariably making a great impression on you, and so called the WOW effect. All of this thanks to numerous and impressive obstacles, excellent service, as well as an unforgettable atmosphere during the events.


How do we do our job?


1. We put the Participants in the centre of our attention
2. We keep learning (we get feedback from the Participants and summarize the events)
3. We are happy to do our everyday job, we celebrate successes
4. We respect and value the Participants, Volunteers, Fans and each other
5. We don’t grumble – we name the problem and we solve it
6. We create Runmageddon in such a way to be proud of it (...and to be able ourselves to participate in the event with pure joy and happiness)


We, the management of Runmageddon, sign this declaration and we promise to abide it.  

Runmageddon Myślenice