Veteran Runmageddon 2018

Strength and Character!


To complete the Runmageddon run is a real challenge, let alone each of its three forms, which are:

Recruit (6 km/30+ obstacles)

Classic (12 km/50+ obstacles)

Hardcore (21 km/70+ obstacles)

If you manage to accomplish this in one season, gained medals will form a unique statuette (different in every season!) and you will be given a prestigious title of Runmageddon Veteran!



To get this special statuette you can complete forms from both summer and winter edition.

Enroll on the Runmageddon run right now and take first step towards your Veteran title!

What is more – each of Runmageddon Veterans will be able to purchase a jacket with this honorable title!

The official pattern of Runmageddon Veteran 2018 jackets will be presented later.



Have you garnered the title in 2017 season and still don’t have your jacket?

This is the last chance to buy it!