Winter Veteran Runmageddon 2018

Do you consider yourself a real tough guy? Let the frost and mud verify it! Completing the three formulas is a real feat, but passing each of them in the version of Winter Runmageddon is a challenge only for the hardest! Your strength and character deserve this honorable title? Stand at the finish line of Winter Recruit, Classic and Hardcore and get a unique statuette of Runmageddon Winter Veteran 2018!


This project symbolizes all three locations:


Winter Runmageddon Warsaw (Intro, Rekrut, Kids) is a plane, because we are starting at the Warsaw - Babice Airport.

Winter Runmageddon Ełk (Intro, Rekrut, Hardcore) is symbolized by a yacht, because only there you can wallow in the frozen Ełckie Lake!

Mountain Winter Runmageddon Wierchomla Mała (Rekrut, Classic) is of course a mountain peak, which you can achieve yourself if you are strong enough to do it!


In the central part of the statuette you will hang your hard-won medals. The size of the medal depends on the formula and the level of its difficulty. The Medal of Recruits will be smaller than Classic’s finishers, while the biggest one will be the Hardcore’s medal.

Are you ready to get them all? A real Veteran does not ask, he knows that he IS!



Enroll on the Runmageddon run right now and take first step towards your Veteran title!

What is more – each of Runmageddon Veterans will be able to purchase a jacket with this honorable title!

The official pattern of Runmageddon Veteran 2018 jackets will be presented later.



Have you garnered the title in 2017 season and still don’t have your jacket?

This is the last chance to buy it!