Runmageddon Global Sahara Adventure 22/29.03.2020




The Organizer of RUNMAGEDDON SAHARA ADVENTURE 100, hereinafter referred to as  the EVENT, is:

EXTREME EVENTS ltd. Located in Warsaw (01-640 Warszawa, ul. Jana Chryzostoma Paska 21), registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs maintained by the National Court Register with the KRS numer 0000535982, with initial capital of 9.000, 00 PLN totally paid, logistic company.


  1. The EVENT is a multi-stage cross – country run, routes of which are marked in desert and mountain terrain.
  2. The basic form of the run is ‘SAHARA ADVENTURE 100’ formula, in which during  four stages PARTICIPANTS will  cover the distance of 100 km. The distance is measured in a straight line between the checkpoints, which are placed not less than 5 km from each other. The details concerning the route preparation are described in section VII. The run is done in teams of four.
  3. An optional form of the run is ’SAHARA ADVENTURE 100+’ formula in which PARTICIPANTS take part in all sta ges, as mentioned above in section 2, as well as in an additional fifth stage being classified. In order to participate the fifth stage one has to complete the four stages of the team run. The fifth stage competition is at the distance of 10 km and participants are classified individually.
  4. EVENT PARTICIPANTS can decide on participation in ‘SAHARA ADVENTURE 100+’ formula not later than a day before the fifth stage. The fourth and fifth stage can take place on the same day.
  5. Participants’ classification is done in two independent forms:
    1. team classification ‘SAHARA ADVENTURE 100’: it is a sum of all team timings during each stage. The ORGANIZER counts the start and finish time of the last team member and that is the timing taken into classification. During the final classification the winner is the team that goes the fastest through all the stages.
    2. individual classifiation ‘SAHARA ADVENTURE 100+’: done regardless the ‘SAHARA ADVENTURE 100’ formula classification. Its basis is the timing of the fifth stage done by a team member. The timing during the team classification does not influence the general classification. In the final classification of this formula, the best participant in the female and male categories are awarded (one participant in a category). The classification takes place if there are at least two participants in the fifth stage, in a given category.
  6. The ORGANIZER will guarantee professional timing for each participant in hours, minutes and seconds.
  7. The ORGANIZER has the right to set time limits for finishing each consecutive stage. The information on the time limit of a given stage the participants will receive the latest on the racing day.
  8. During the EVENT, PARTICIPANTS shall be accommodated in tents at a CAMP SITE set up in the hotels or the hotels’ surroundings. The participants have no right to claim for hotel accommodation while the ORGANIZERS guarantee CAMP SITE.
  9. The CAMP SITE is a tent camp equipped with field washbasins, toilets and ORGANIZER’S infrastructure. It is forbidden to stay at the camp site, or in the hotel accommodation, for any person not being the EVENT PARTICIPANT.
  10. Only PARTICIPANTS are allowed to participate in the EVENT, which means the persons who completed the REGISTRATION to participate in the EVENT in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations and who paid all the required fees to the ORGANIZER’S account in full.


  1. The EVENT shall take place from 22nd  to 29th March, 2020 (the date may change up to 3 days depending on the flight and accommodation possibilities, the final date will be given 60 days before the beginning of the event the latest.
  2. The EVENT will take place in Morocco. The details concerning the flights and the location, the ORGANIZER will give the PARTICIPANTS the latest 21 days before the departure.
  3. In  case of important reasons related to the safety of the PARTICIPANT, the ORGANIZER shall have the right to change the date and/or place of the EVENT, whereby the PARTICIPANTs shall be informed by means of appropriate information on the website of the EVENT as well as in the form of an e-mail sent to the address provided in the application form not later than 72 hours before the originally planned commencement of the EVENT. Making any changes in the above respect shall not result in any additional obligations of the ORGANIZER towards the PARTICIPANT’s claims or any claims of the PARTICIPANT against the ORGANIZER.
  4. The EVENT website:



  1. The EVENT shall only be entered by persons who are at least 18 years old on the commencement date of the EVENT.
  2. The conditions for participation in the EVENT are as follows:
  1. completion of the application form available on the website and sending it back to the ORGANIZER,
  2. payment of the voucher fees in the amount and within the time limits specified in Chapter V of these Regulations,
  3. agreeing to be bound by these Regulations,
  4. acceptance of participation in the EVENT at their own risk, bearing in mind the hazards and risks arising from the nature and duration of the run, which may include, but are not limited to, the risk of health harms (deterioration) or the loss of life,
  5. providing separate consent to the processing of the PARTICIPANT’s personal information provided in the application form referred to the above for the purposes necessary to carry out the EVENT by the ORGANIZER,
  6. consent to free use of the photographic or video image of the PARTICIPANT in media and promotional materials of the ORGANIZER, to the extent specified in paragraph (4) below,
  7. possessing and brining to the EVENT a passport valid at least until 30 September 2020.
  1. A model declaration of consents referred to in paragraph 2(c), (e) and (f) shall be attached as ANNEX No. 1 to these REGULATIONS.
  2. The PARTICIPANT authorizes the ORGANIZER to use his/her image in the following forms:
  1. consolidation and multiplication by any known techniques and distribution in any form,
  2. making available to sponsors and official partners a copy or a duplicate of the image to be used for the promotion of the sponsor or official partners in relation to their participation in the EVENT,
  3. storing on a computer and in a multimedia network,
  4. reproduction of the image,
  5. public exhibition, display, reproduction, broadcasting and re-broadcasting, and communication to the public, in such a way which allows anyone to access it from a place and at a time individually chosen by them,
  6. presentation and publication in the press, on websites, on posters and on billboards,
  7. television and radio broadcasting,
  8.  publishing photographs of the PARTICIPANT taken during the run in the form of photographs from the run.
  1. The ORGANIZER shall be entitled to grant official partners and sponsors of the EVENT a sub-licence to use the image referred to above, to the extent not exceeding the scope of the licence granted. The list of official partners and sponsors of the EVENT is available on the website of the EVENT.
  2. If the list of EVENT PARTICIPANTS is filled, the ORGANIZER may open a reserve list. Inclusion of the PARTICIPANT in the reserve list does not guarantee participation in the EVENT. The ORGANIZER shall inform the PARTICIPANTS placed on the reserve list about their qualification for participation in the EVENT not later than 7 days before the commencement of the EVENT.


  1. REGISTRATION for THE EVENT is understood as filling in the application for participation and sending it via the website to the ORGANIZER and paying AT least the advance payment for the VOUCHER (further named ADVANCE PAYMENT).
  2. The advance payment for the VOUCHER should be paid not later than within 7 days from the date of filling in and sending the application form to the ORGANIZER.
  3. The VOUCHER fee shall be paid by bank transfer to the bank account provided in response to the application for participation in the EVENT, indicating in the transfer title the code generated by the registration system or by the quick payment system made available on the website at the time of registration.
  4. If the VOUCHER advance payment is not paid within 7 days from the date of filling in and sending the application form to the ORGANIZER, the ORGANIZER shall have the right to cancel the application.
  5. The number of VOUCHERS which authorize to participate in the EVENT is limited.
  6. The ORGANIZER shall confirm the receipt of the PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION by e-mail sent to the address provided on the application form.
  7. Acceptance of the REGISTRATION is determined by the order of crediting the VOUCHER advance payment to the ORGANIZER’s bank account.
  8. The ORGANIZER reserves the right to terminate the sale of the VOUCHERS at any time without giving any reason.
  9. The VOUCHER fee paid after the end of the sale or after the exhaustion of available places shall be returned by bank transfer to the sender’s account within 7 days from the moment of delivery of the hand-signed disposition with the indication of the bank account number by the depositor, whose REGISTRATION in the EVENT has not been accepted.
  10. The refusal to accept the REGISTRATION shall be notified to the person making the application at the latest within 7 days from the moment of accounting the VOUCHER fee on the ORGANIZER’s bank account.
  11. The amount of the advance payment for the VOUCHER is fixed and amounts to 700 Euro (in words: seven hundred euro).
  12. The total fee for a VOUCHER depends on the date of making an advance payment:

advance payment to 30.09.2019 – 2300 Euro (including transfer package 400 Euro)

advance payment till the last day of signing In – 2530 Euro (including transfer package 400 Euro).

  1. The VOUCHER fee, reduced by the already paid advance payment, shall be paid by bank transfer to the ORGANIZER's bank account not later than by 31 January 2020.
  2. Details regarding the amount of the VOUCHER fee, the bank account number and the date of payment of the fee shall be provided to each PARTICIPANT by e-mail, sent to the address provided by the PARTICIPANT in the application form, upon completion of the REGISTRATION process.
  3. Failure to pay the VOUCHER fee within the time limit entitles the ORGANIZER to cancel the PARTICIPANT. PARTICIPANTS shall not be entitled to any reimbursement of costs incurred.
  4. ORGANIZER reserves the right to change the amount of fees and discounts at any time without giving any reason.
  5. The ORGANISER shall inform about the change of the amount of fees or discounts on the website of the EVENT not later than three days before the changes come into force.
  6. The ORGANIZER allows  the possibility of changing the PARTICIPANT's data and transferring the right to participate in the EVENT to another person after the REGISTRATION process has been completed. Such change however is not allowed past 01 February 2020. The cost of ticket’s change is the resposibility of the applying person.
  7. The PARTICIPANT can additionally buy AT the ORGANIZER’s the transfer packane being described in section VI/2. The price of the transfer packane is fixe and amounts 400 Euro.


1.        The VOUCHER contains:

    1. the right to participate inthe EVENT as a PARTICIPANT,
    2. a starter kit, consisting of:

i. a jacket or a blouse,

ii. 2 technical shirts,

iii. optionally other items.

    1. ROADBOOK for each of the three stages of the EVENT,
    2. food (described In section IX of the Regulations) without regeneration packets Turing the run,
    3. drinking water,
    4. accommodation at the camp sites and hotels  the duration of the EVENT,
    5. insurance of medical expenses with the option of high-risk sports,
    6. the deposit of one standard bag or backpack during the run,
    7. run data record (timings),
    8.  the support of a medical rescue team,
    9.  security training during the EVENT,
    10. terrain navigation training,
    11.  medal.

2. The TRANSFER PACKAGE includes return flight (specific flight as indicated by the ORGANIZER), with a registered luggage; in case the PARTICIPANT buys only the VOUCHER without the TRANSFER PACKAGE, they are obliged to ensure transport within Marocco on their own; such PARTICIPANTS will receive the information about the time and place to arrive In Marocco at the latest 2 months before the EVENT starts.



  1. During the run, the PARTICIPANTS of the EVENT are obliged to follow the route marked by the ORGANIZER. The route is marked with checkpoints given as  GPS coordinates the day before the run. The points will be uploaded by the PARTICIPANTS into the GPS supplied by the ORGANIZER. The uploading will be done after proper training and will be supervised by the ORGANIZER. The points must be checked with accordance to what was received from the ORGANIZER. Confirmation of this will be marked by a present reprezentative of the ORGANIZER through showing at the finishline a plate number, being placed nearby the point. In dangerous places the route will be marked with yellow tape with the ORGANIZER’s logo (at night with light sticks). There is one GPS per team but it is allowed to use own navigation devices. The ORGANIZER reserves the right to mark part of the route with azimuth  - in this case  participants, after the training, will find the way with a compass and maps given by the ORGANIZER.
  2. For safety reasons, the route will be marked with checkpoints placed not further than 5km from each other. To complete the stage, one has to go through all points at the given order.
  3. The exact route of the runs shall be kept secret and shall be made available to the PARTICIPANTS in a printed form as navigational information booklet, hereinafter referred to as ROADBOOK. All the information will be given during the first day of the event.
  4. Briefings with exact information on the route for the following day will take place on daily routine.
  5. On the route there may be natural and artificial obstacles of varying difficulty level. The artificial obstacles will be done as team work, just like it is during domestic RUNMAGEDDON runs. The rules of tackling the obstacles are published at:
  6. Any external assistance to the PARTICIPANTS on the route by persons other than ORGANIZER representatives shall be strictly forbidden under the threat of penalty minutes or disqualification.
  7. The scope and amount of the penalties shall be decided by the Director of the EVENT at the request of another PARTICIPANT or a representative of the ORGANIZER.
  8. For safety reasons each team will get one GPS and one mobile telephone. The PARTICIPANTS are responsible for charging the batteries. For any loss there is  a collective responsibility of the whole team.


  1. Each PARTICIPANT of the EVENT must bring:
  1. a passport valid until at least 30 September 2020,
  2. clothing and footwear suitable for the geographical and meteorological conditions at the EVENT area,
  3. a small backpack to be brought to the run,
  4. a headlamp and a set of spare batteries,
  5. suncream with UV filter (recommended UV30+),
  6. a lipstick with a UV filter,a lighter,
  7. EUR 50 in small notes or the equivalent in local currency,
  8. sunglasses,
  9. camellbag or water container of a minimum 2 liters capacity
  10. a sleeping bag,
  11. a sleeping mate,
  12. a backpack (main luggage).


  1. The ORGANIZER shall provide drinking water to the PARTICIPANTS throughout the entire duration of the EVENT. The PARTICIPANTS are obliged to bring water carrying equipment (camellbag, container, bottle etc.)
  2. Water for PARTICIPANTS shall be available at a designated places (regeneration points) and in the CAMP SITE.
  3. The PARTICIPANTS shall be obliged to supply themselves before start to have enough water to get to the regeneration poin and then to the fnish line. The locatin of the point will be given at the briefing the day before the run. The ORGANIZER reserves the right not to let a participant to start if at the start line, or just after leaving the regeneration point, they don’t have a minimum of 2 liters of water.
  4. The drinking water made available by the ORGANIZER to the PARTICIPANTs during the course of the EVENT shall be used solely for consumption by the PARTICIPANT; under no circumstances shall the PARTICIPANTS use the drinking water made available by the ORGANIZER for purposes such as, for instance, washing and laundry.
  5. The ORGANIZER reserves the right to impose penalties, including disqualifications, on any PARTICIPANT who is found to have misused the drinking water provided to the PARTICIPANTs by the ORGANIZER. The ORGANIZER can, in such case, chargé to the PARTICIPANT the cost of emergency water supply to the CAMP SITE or to the regeneration point.


    1. The ORGANISER will assign each PARTICIPANT a starting number.
    2. The starting number will be marked on selected elements of the starter pack and on the skin of the PARTICIPANT.
    3. For the duration of the EVENT, the PARTICIPANTS are prohibited from using elements of the starter kit with a different starting number than the one assigned by the ORGANIZER.
    4. During the run (from the start line to finish line) PARTICIPANTs must wear clothes with starting numbers and have their numbers being visible on the skin.
    5. The ORGANIZER has the right to place the logo of the EVENT and the logos of the sponsors and partners of the EVENT on the starting number being a part of the starting kit.
    6. The lack of the starting number during the run results in immediate disqualification of the PARTICIPANT.


  1. The ORGANIZER shall provide food for the PARTICIPANTS during the EVENT.
  2. On the days without runs, the board consist of breakfast, lunch and dinner (some of the meals during the transfer days may be in a form of a box food); on days with the runs, the ORGANIZER provides breakfast and dinner – participants are responsible for individual food package for the run.
  3. The ORGANIZER will make every effort to ensure that the meals are healthy and nutritious, however, it may not include meals which meet special dietary expectations of the PARTICIPANTS.


  1. The ORGANIZER shall provide accommodation for the PARTICIPANTS for the time of the EVENT.
  2. The VOUCHER will include:
  1. overnight stays in multi-persons tents, set up in the CAMP SITE.
  2.  accommodation in a tourist-class hotel or in a dormitory in multi-persons room.
  1. The accommodation provided by the ORGANIZER may only be used by PARTICIPANTS of the EVENT.


    1. Under no circumstances may a PARTICIPANT of the EVENT resign from participation in the EVENT at the time of its duration without informing the ORGANIZER and signing the relevant documents.
    2. The PARTICIPANT may be disqualified by the decision of the ORGANIZER for non-compliance with the Regulations or gross violation of the principles of social coexistence or the good name of the ORGANIZER.
    3. The right to decide on disqualification of a PARTICIPANT belongs to the EVENT DIRECTOR being appointed by the ORGANIZER.
    4. In case of disqualification or resignation of a team member, the team continues the run.




  1. Within 14 days of the date of conclusion of the agreement, which shall be understood as the day on which the following cumulative conditions are met:
    1. the applicant for the EVENT has completed and sent the application form to the ORGANIZER,
    2. the applicant for participation in the EVENT has paid at least the advance payment,

Not later than by the 31 January the consumer has the right to withdraw from the agreement without giving any reason; this right shall cease after the expiry of that period.

  1. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the ORGANIZER shall be informed about the decision; such information should be sent by e-mail to the following address:  The information should contain a clear statement on the exercise of the right of withdrawal as well as an indication of the bank account number to which the paid VOUCHER fee is to be returned. The information must be sent from the earlier given email account of the participant.
  2. In the event of withdrawal, the ORGANIZER shall reimburse all payments received from the PARTICIPANT without delay, and in any event within 14 days from the date of receiving the PARTICIPANT's decision; the PARTICIPANT shall not bear any costs related to the reimbursement.      


    1. The ORGANIZER reserves the right to cancel the EVENT at any time without giving any reason.
    2. The PARTICIPANTS will be informed about the cancellation of the EVENT by means of a notice on the website of the EVENT and an e-mail sent to the address provided by the PARTICIPANT in the application form.
    3. In case of cancellation of the EVENT by the ORGANIZER, the fees paid by the PARTICIPANTS shall be returned in full to the PARTICIPANTS within 7 days from the delivery of the PARTICIPANT’s order to the ORGANIZER, signed by the PARTICIPANT themselves, together with an indication of the account number to which the refund of the paid fees is to be made, which should be sent exactly like in section XIV/2.


  1. The official languages of the EVENT are Polish and English.
  2. The Director of THE EVENT is indicated by the ORGANIZER.
  3. The PARTICIPANTs are only allowed to bring to the EVENT luggage which complies with the following requirements stated by an airline providing transportation to the EVENT area. The details on that will be provided by the ORGANIZER via email to the PARTICIPANTS who bought the transfer package.
  4. The ORGANIZER shall not be liable for valuables taken by the PARTICIPANT to the EVENT, including valuables in the bag deposited by the PARTICIPANT for the duration of the run. The bag placed in the deposit should contain only everyday items of a total value not exceeding 100 EUR. In exceptional cases, after prior notification of such need by a PARTICIPANT, the ORGANIZER may accept storing items with a value exceeding 100 EUR. Storage of such items shall be subject to the payment of a fee indicated by the ORGANIZER, appropriate to the condition and value of such items. However, the ORGANIZER shall not be obliged to accept such articles for storage.
  5. The ORGANIZER shall have the right at any time to require the PARTICIPANT to present their passport for identification purposes.
  6. The PARTICIPANT is obliged to carry his/her own passport for the entire duration of the EVENT, therefore it is in the interest of each PARTICIPANT to adequately secure the document against damage, destruction or loss during the EVENT.
  7. In addition to the representatives of the ORGANIZER, only PARTICIPANTS of the EVENT have access to the CAMP SITE.
  8. All services and infrastructure prepared by the ORGANIZER may only be used by PARTICIPANTS of the EVENT.
  9. All PARTICIPANTS are obliged to follow the safety rules attached to the Regulations are ANNEX 2, as well as they should follow all the instructions given by the ORGANIZER’s reprezentatives. Failure to comply with any of  the above will result with a PARTICIPANT disqualification.       
  10. In case of any doubt as to the interpretation of any provision of these Regulations, the binding interpretation shall be that of ORGANIZER.
  11. The organizer of the tourist part of the event SAHARA ADVENTURE 2020 is: AT ANIMATOR, Marcin Szopa 43-502 Czechowice – Dziedzice ul. Dolna 10 NIP: 652-135-13-08 (tax identification no.) Concession of Tourism Operators: 1104, Insurance Guarantee SIGNAL IDUNA M514565, Financial Security Amount 322620 PLN and MAGIC HOLIDAYS TRAVEL in Marocco.



ANNEX NO.1 - Participant  declaration

ANNEX NO. 2 - Safety rules