Runmageddon Kaukaz 04/08.10.2018

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One eye on Morocco, the other on ... KAUKAZ!



We're starting with a new, absolutely crazy project! After the success of Runmageddon Sahara, we wanted to give you other tough challenge in another part of the world. That is why we are going to Georgia for the first edition of RUNMAGEDDON KAUKAZ!




In Georgia, you will be able to choose one of three formulas:



The formula BIEG RZEŹNIKA KAUKAZ is a distance dedicated to the Ultras, who are already familiar with the taste of the Polish edition of the Bieg Rzeźnika. 100 km of a murderous mountain route is a challenge for real wild boars, who are not afraid of the obstacles posed by the ruthless mother nature! The rocks of the Caucasus are waiting for the pioneers of this unearthly exploit!



  If you have purchased a Starter Voucher (300 PLN) or received an advance payment code for completing the survey (PLN 100), enter the code provided in the section: Discount Code



NOTE: you can enter only one code!



  If you have both a starter voucher and an advance payment code, send an email to in order to merge the codes and reduce the charges.



  At the beginning, you only make an advance payment (PLN 1,900), and you can pay the rest until August 31, 2018!



From 4 to 8 October 2018 *!


* date of the event may change +/- 1 day


Mountains of Southeast Asia: from Tbilisi, through the Juta Gorge, to the town of Gudauri

Event schedule *

4.10 - race in the region of gudauri

5.10 - race in the area of ​​the village of Juta, "Georgian Dolomites"

6.10 -  race in the area of ​​ the Gergetti church hill, "panorama of the Caucasus"

7.10 - race of friendship in gudauri 


* date of the event, may change +/- 1 day


What's in the package?

The price includes a full logistics package, ie: flight, transport on site, accommodation, food, t-shirt, blouse / jacket, medical care and ... what is the most important - unforgettable experience!

For the finishers, of course, a bandana and commemorative medal!



It will also be a unique event due to the special 100 anniversary of the independence – of both Poland and Georgia.


That is why RUNMAGEDDON KAUKAZ will be established in cooperation with Georgian partners, which guarantees the highest level of initiation and attractions in those areas!


  Note! You do not have to pay the entire for the event right away.


All you need is an advance payment of PLN 1,900, which will provide you with the lowest possible price at the time of booking!


Price list

note! You do not have to pay the entire sum for the event immediately. All you need is an advance payment of 1900 PLN *,


which will provide you the lowest possible price at the time of booking!


* If you have filled in the Runmageddon Caucasus survey, you received a code for discount of PLN 100, which you can use when making an advance payment - then the advance payment will be 1800 PLN!


  If you have bought a voucher worth PLN 300, the price for the trip is lower!


In addition, you keep the lowest price of the trip until June 30!




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