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Runmageddon Tarczyński Arena Wrocław 01.04.2023

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Although we love to play jokes as well as to splash you in the mud, this time it's not April Fool's Day! Runmageddon is going to take place for real and we are really preparing a good impression for you!

On 01/04/2023 we see you in Wrocław, where you will hit the Intro and Rekrut formulas! For night owls who like exploring after dark, we have prepared a night recruit! We have also not forgotten about families and the youngest ones, who will be able to muddy their armpits in the Family, Kids and Junior formulas!


Jokes are over! Train! You have until 04/01/2023 to get ready!



Venue Tarczyński Arena | al. Śląska 1
54-118 Wrocław

I'm making my debut Get ready for your first start and jump into the muddy adventure stress-free! The link below will show you all the necessary information, click and let the adventure begin! DEBUT
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Trophies Collect a medal that will bring you one step closer to winning the Veteran statuette and the direction that will allow you to, one day, win the Runmageddon Crown. Zobacz
Convenient payment Buy start today and pay in 30 days! Select your formula and go to payment, then select PayPo. REGULATIONS
Outfit Go on tour in professional outfit straight from our partner. Smmash has created outfits for you, thanks to which you will be super stylish while overcoming obstacles. SEE THE COLLECTION



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