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Runmageddon Global Caucasus – (non)obligatory equipment


Runmageddon Global Caucasus is just about to begin, so it means it’s high time to start thinking about the accessoriess you’ll need. Here’s a list of the things that you have to include in your equipment to be allowed at the start line*:


  • Clothing and footwear appropriate for the weather conditions
  • Small backpack to take on the route
  • Headlamp with an extra set of batteries
  • Lighter
  • Cream with a UV filter and protective lip balm


Let’s begin with… weather conditions at the Caucasus at the end of September. Theoretically, average temperature should be around 20 Celsius degrees with sunny aura. But these are mountains! On the third day of our challenge we’ll be running at almost 3 000 m.a.s.l. Very likely we’ll have to face part of the stage covered with snow. At this altitude weather may change immediately. Sunny morning can suddenly turn into stormy afternoon. We have to be prepared for every eventuality.


Small bagpack, which we have to take, should fit the rain jacket, warm hat, gloves, reflective blanket, flashlight, water supply in flasks and food (regeneration points will be on the route, but this isn’t a marathon, where rege points are every 2 km) – recommended calorific value of minimum 500kcal, first aid kit, charged phone. I advise extra pair of socks, t-shirt for a change, band-aids, electrolytes and sunglasses. Backpack should be adjusted to your height and size (it shouldn’t „dangle” during the run, it should be adjacent well to your back). It might be as well a running vest, but only if it fits all the equipment mentioned above.


Shoes are obviously the most important things for a runner (100km formula will have to face marathon distance during the first day, and believe me – without comfortable footwear it’ll be practically impossible). So, we have to take 2 pairs of well-tested running shoes. Absolutely no brand new ones! The terrain, which we’ll be running on, is also very variable, so it has to be a trail sole. We have to pay attention to sole’s grip. Shank doesn’t have to be Gore Tex (it will be heavier then), but maybe it’s worth to consider gaiters, which will secure the shoe from the falling water. Nothing will secure us from the river (definitely there will be such obstacle), but we can try rubber pads, very popular recently.


While collecting clothing we have to remember, that it should be quick drying. If we plan running in short sleeve, maybe additional „sleeves” in case of coolness are good solution. They may be in both summer and warm, winter version. The jacket (necessarily with the hood) should protect us from rain and wind. The wind, even not so hard, may effectively cool us down during the run-downs. It’s particularly important, as we’ll be sweaty after the run-up! Therefore let’s take warm hat or bandana. Bringing gloves will be a good idea as well, because hands are the first to cool down.


Headlamp should improve our safety. So I don’t recommend the cheapest models. At least 200 lumens!


Trekking poles. Yes – definitely, if you can use them properly during the run. Definitely folding ones, the less they weight the better. Adjusted to your height, not borrowed from a shorter friend. I do not recommend testing them during the challenge, do it earlier! It may occur that this equipment is rather complication than help.


*The complete list of the things that you have to include in your equipment is given in the point VIII. MANDATORY EQUIPMENT of the Runmageddon Global Caucasus 2019 Regulations which is available in this link


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