Runmageddon Sahara 11/17.03.2019


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In Morocco you can choose between four formulas of the run:

  • Sahara 50 – three stages obstacle run; dozen kilometres to cover per day, total distance of 50 km
  • Sahara 50 wthout obstacles  - three stages run; total distance of 50 km; no obstacles
  • Sahara 120 - three stages obstacle run; over 40 km to cover per day; total distance of 120 km
  • Sahara 120 without obstacles - three stages run; total distance of 120 km; no obstacles

You decide which challenge you take – if you choose Sahara 50 formula each day of the race you will have the opportunity to take on optional Sahara 120 distance! The brave ones who will choose this formula on each of three days will cover the total distance of over 120 km! Are you a real fighter? Sahara 120 formula is a murderous distance with no obstacles is perfect for you!


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Sahara Desert in Southern Morocco

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11. – 17. March 2019



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